Howdy, I’m Maciej. I am a Product Designer grateful that his profession lets him understand how modern world works.

Let’s be honest. I didn’t dream as a kid of becoming a Product Designer (did such job exist back in 90s?), nor I chose my studies with an intent to become one. But having six years of experience as a digital designer under my belt I can only thank my younger self (and some luck) for all decisions that led me to have one of the greatest jobs I could think of.

I also think that my not so obvious career path gave me a broader perspective and taught to tackle design problems from various perspectives. And now I benefit heavily from such approach when dealing with complex design challenges at Equinix.

Previously, I worked for companies such as Deloitte (2020-2021), GE Aviation (2018-2020) and Bank Millennium (2016-2018).
You can track my whole career back to the university times here.

In my free time, I take care of my daughter together with my wife. I spend late evenings reading and coding before I fall asleep.

My path to becoming a Product Designer

I majored in Architecture and during my studies I developed interest in software design.

The characteristic of architecture studies requires from students to learn various programs to be able to present their projects in best possible way. Autocad, Archicad, Revit, 3D Studio Max, Rhino 3D, Sketchup – you name it.

Of course, none of computer tools is superior to pencil and paper when you want to design without technical constraints. But, eventually you will have to transfer your ideas to some more precise tool and give them a reality check.

You can achieve the final effect in each of the programs mentioned above, but with different effort and ease. Some actions are piece of cake in Archicad, whereas making the same thing may take hours in 3D Studio Max.

That all led me to think that it would be inspiring to be the person that helps to make life of thousands around the globe easier by making the desired feature of a software the right way.

And so, here I am.

My tools of work

Curiosity, perseverance, humility and several popular design apps.