Mutual Funds

Years: 2016-2018
Role: UX Designer
Industry: Banking

In 2016, Bank Millennium’s UX Design team was requested to refresh old and design new processes for the online and mobile management of investment products for the bank. To prepare for an upcoming changes that MiFID II legislative framework would bring to the way investement products can be sold. Along with aligning processes with new requirements, we decided to create new customer journey
that would encourage clients to purchase invesment products.


Initial phase of the project was concetrated on understanding client’s perspective and getting familiar with the business domain. We conducted multiple interviews with clients from various age and wealth groups.

Simultaneously to conducting In-Depth Interviews with bank’s clients we took on the task of competitors’ benchmarking. Apart from looking at the offer of other key players present on the Polish market, we reached out to British and US market as additional reference.


How might we raise clients’ awareness
of investment products and encourage
them to start investing?

To achieve this, UX team had to take a comprehensive approach to redesign across whole customer journey. To answer to customer needs identified during IDI sessions, we decided to follow a set of principles.

These principles defined a direction for the design stage of the new investment experience, which had been reflected in actions planned and taken by the design team throughout existing customer journey.


After the release of each new website or process we tracked: traffic, average session times, bounce rates, conversions and compared them to statistics of former versions. If statistics deteriorated (higher bounce rates, conversion decline) we were identifying bottlenecks, ordering client satisfaction surveys via call center or inviting clients to next usability session rounds to get insights for later design improvements.

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